Weight Management

Hypnotherapy makes it much easier to change eating habits, body appearance and fitness. When you are caught in the battle of 'I should vs. I don’t want to', you can be stuck for years.  Maybe it’s 'I have to', and you just can’t say no. Or maybe you just never really learned healthy habits in the first place. Whatever the situation, hypnotherapy can help you finally eat right and lose the weight for good, so you can look in the mirror and smile.

Is Losing Weight Worth It?

Achieving a healthy weight can significantly enhance confidence and self-esteem, making you feel more positive about your appearance. This confidence can lead to better social interactions and greater acceptance, highlighting the comprehensive benefits of a healthy weight on one’s life. In essence, maintaining a healthy weight touches every aspect of life, from the way we function physically to how we perceive ourselves and interact with the world around us.

Change Eating Habits

Stop emotional eating. Let go of unhealthy snacking. Kick the sugar cravings. Whatever has been in your way, hypnosis can help you release or move past it. No drugs or diets, just holistic subconscious change. Create a balanced and sustainable relationship with food and your body.

Enjoy Exercise

Not everybody wants to exercise, and not everybody has to change they way they already are. But moving the body regularly is an important of overall health and well-being. And it can undoubtedly help in becoming fitter, feeling better, and living longer. You'll likely have more energy, feel comfortable socially, or be able to keep up with the kids. So if moving around more is on your might-be-helpful list, hypnosis can assist. You can use it to create a stronger positive mindset towards physical activity so you actually do it. You can overcome mental barriers to exercise, making the idea of being active more appealing and motivating.

"I came to Mindzai for help with weight. So far, I’m down over 20 pounds! Hypnosis has been very successful. I don’t feel like I’ve been dieting. Other “diets” left me unsatisfied and wanting more. I’m satisfied with the food I eat and I’m not wanting." – Bob W.

"I came to Mindzai and Jason for help letting go of a sugar addiction. In just three visits, I was able to easily let go of sugar and feel completely in control of my food choices. I noticed a dramatic improvement after the first session. It took little to no effort and I felt relaxed and in control the entire time. I am confident I’ll be returning for additional transformative work." – Amy V.C.

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