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Our success stories

People wonder, will this work for me? Will I get results? And you should be concerned about results. After all, this is an investment, and you want to know you’re getting a process that gives you the very best chance for the future you desire.

Perhaps the best way to understand what to expect is to read and hear the words of those who have already done it. The testimonials below show the results that normal, everyday people have gotten. This is how you know this stuff works.

Now each person is different, and guarantees cannot be made when doing personal change work. But these are all real words, written and spoken by real clients, who have shared their stories with permission. They share because they experienced real change, and they want other people to have the success they did. You can move beyond what appear to be your limitations. Just take the next step.

"I called Jason for help with advancing my career and improving self-confidence. We ended up uncovering some issues I didn’t know I had, and the benefit has been exponentially more than I expected. I had no idea how much I could benefit from just a few sessions. I appreciate Jason’s approach, which is without judgment and genuinely open to hearing and helping. Vulnerability is difficult - he made it easy. My expectations have absolutely been met, and exceeded."

Anna B.

"I initially came to Jason for issues specifically in romantic relationships, but I feel like what I have gained will help me in all areas of my life. I have experienced a shift in my perspective with living mindfully in the present moment and have gained more compassion and self love. Hypnosis is unique in that it gets directly to the unconscious and I have experienced results quicker than I could have imagined. Through my sessions I have learned tools and skills for a more meaningful life, and through the hypnosis my unconscious has cleared to better implement what I’ve learned."

Hannah P.

"I came to Mindzai for help with weight. So far, I’m down over 20 pounds! Hypnosis has been very successful. I don’t feel like I’ve been dieting. Other “diets” left me unsatisfied and wanting more. I’m satisfied with the food I eat and I’m not wanting."

Bob W.

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"Prior to working with Jason, I was really struggling with my breathing and anxiety when I would compete in ballroom dancing. When I was about to go on the dance floor, I would be worried, what happens if this is one of those times that I just can't catch my breath?
And it made me not really enjoy even my most favorite styles of dance. I was super concerned about what would happen if I couldn't get it under control...

He gave me back the joy, the joy...that I love. Hands down one of the best investments I ever made."

"I came in for depression, confidence, and finding my path to what's next in life. Medicine and talk therapy were not helping. I read about hypnosis and wanted to try it out. I'm very glad I chose it. With hypnosis, you feel it. If committed and willing to experience it, the changes will come. They came easier with hypnosis that with other methods I have tried. From my first session at Mindzai, I have begun to make better choices on my daily schedule. My confidence and sense of life are the best they have ever been. I have gotten the tools I needed to push myself to become who I wanted to be and was meant to be. Hypnosis has been extremely successful. I am able to catch myself making better choices and wanting the best for myself. My experience has been far beyond what I expected. I have received the help I was looking for."

Mayra R.

"I came to Mindzai for weight loss, but got so much more. Through the work I did here, I gained self-esteem and because of that I no longer have to comfort eat. I was able to connect patterns in my life and this helped me gain insight and break those patterns when harmful.

I had tried hypnosis before, but with Jason I really got to the root of the issues and was able to make a permanent change. This has definitely succeeded in meeting my expectations, I feel released from some baggage that I have held onto for years. I am glad that we went deeper than weight loss and better sleep. Getting rid of some of this baggage has freed me up to live a better life."

Heather D.

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"I was having night terrors...and was seeking relief by drinking alcohol... I just felt like I needed results more quickly than I was getting them through traditional talk therapy. Since working with Jason, I have been sober for about 2 1/2 years, and I cannot believe how incredible my life is today compared to how it was when I first started...
I honestly didn't think I would experience this type of relief without some sort of medication, and I really didn't want to go that route...everything I was hoping to get out of this investment I did, and more."

"I would have to say that since working with Jason my life has been transformed. I have battled a serious dependency to alcohol for nearly 30 years but after five sessions with Jason I feel like for the first time in my adult life I am in control. My biggest request when I first met with Jason was that I wanted all desire, cravings, need, etc. for alcohol to basically just disappear. It worked! All my old triggers are gone. I don't have any desire to drink at all. I feel totally in control and best of all, it's not a battle. It's almost as if I never drank to begin with. There's no struggle. I'm also experiencing it to be easier and easier to be in social situations where others are drinking. There is absolutely no pull to drink in these moments and I actually come away feeling even more empowered. I honestly can't say enough about my time with Jason and I look forward to continuing to work with him and creating an amazing life for myself."

Eric W.

"A friend went to Mindzai to help him quit chewing tobacco. It worked for him so hypnotherapy seemed like a great thing to try out. My original issue that I went for was to quit smoking. I have gone over a month now without a cigarette. I have been in many situations that would typically trigger my desire for one however I have no interest any more. I honestly don’t even remember why I enjoyed smoking so much...it seems silly now when I see others doing it. I admit that it was a bit different than I expected. Everything that happens during the sessions makes you feel like you have complete control. It’s not scary or intimidating. Just an extra person to talk things through with and remind you how to motivate and be proud of yourself. At this point I feel that my success has proven the power of this process, and I would feel comfortable referring this service to others."

Suzanne H.

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"One of the challenges I was having in my business was burnout, frustration, and just not feeling like I wanted to go to work every day.

What it came time to start, one of the big questions, of course, is how much it gonna cost? And I looked at that, and I said this is an investment, of course, but what is it gonna cost me if I don't do it? How much emotional bandwidth am I gonna suffer with? How much money am I gonna lose if I don't invest in my personal growth?
So for me, I really looked at the cost and said this is an investment that is going to pay me significant dividends, and I'm happy to tell you that has come true."

"I can't sing enough praises to Jason for finally helping me to kick my smoking habit. I can remember the exact session when something “clicked” and I put smoking behind me forever. I've never felt better and I would yell from rooftops for people to go see him and get the horrible monkey off your back!"

April M.

"I came for help with my marriage and relationship with my wife. Hypnotherapy has helped me greatly with focusing on what’s important and communicating with my wife.
Hypnosis has been very successful for me, and enhanced my relationship in many ways. I’m more comfortable talking with Jason about issues and anxieties and have acted to move forward."


"I had a terrible fear of flying for years and got to the point where I refused to travel. I have missed out on countless family trips as well as work trips, even canceled flights last minute because I just couldn’t get on the plane... I started researching hypnotherapy and found Jason, thank goodness I did. Since seeing Jason I have successfully flown on a plane and planned other trips. He also has helped me greatly with my general day to day anxiety! Jason has truly helped me in so many ways! Life changing!"

Annie T.

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"I've dealt with depression for most of my adult life starting about when I was eighteen, and I tried everything under the sun. I've tried upwards of fifteen different types of antidepressants. I've tried finding religion. I've tried exercise, certainly tried to avoid the heaviness and the weight of the feelings with alcohol and other substances. Obviously to no avail...
I now find myself saying, 'Oh, you have a tool to deal with this hard emotion that you're facing right now, or this seemingly overwhelming circumstance that you find yourself in. I'm very grateful for the time and the investment that I made because it allows me to access that toolbox on a regular basis no matter where I am, no matter what I'm dealing with."

"Jason has helped me overcome obstacles I faced in regards to my weight and self-confidence. I could never seem to get unstuck and move beyond these obstacles, but after hypnotherapy sessions with Jason, I am now losing weight, I am eating healthier, and working out on a regular basis. (Six months ago, this was not me and let me say that to do these things now is almost effortless; I automatically choose healthier foods, I automatically stop eating when I’m full, and I now exercise and work out on a regular basis.)

Jason is extremely professional and sincere. There was an immediate sense of trust which was very, very important to me. He has helped me realize my full potential and even my family has noticed the very positive changes and results of my hypnotherapy sessions. I feel happier and more confident today than I have EVER felt in my life! If you want results, I highly recommend this. It’s worked for me. Thank you so very much! :)"

Claudia E.

"I was amazed that my life could change so drastically and that it outshines years of therapy, corporate training and self-improvement workshops I had gone through for over a decade.  Initially I was willing to try hypnotherapy as a last resort, since other methods did not work for me. I had a feeling there was something in my subconscious that was “stuck” and perhaps hypnotherapy could help me access that part of my brain. If you’re considering hypnotherapy, my advice would be not to hesitate, because your best life is waiting and it’s closer than you think. After working with Jason I have much higher appreciation for the power of the subconscious, and I recommend him wholeheartedly to anyone looking to improve their lives."


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"On a daily basis, what was happening in my relationship is that I was carrying a lot of anxiety and getting triggered frequently, and not knowing how to stop my overreactions. In the past, I tried so many different methods to heal, and this has actually been effective… What that's done for my relationship is to help my boyfriend and I have more open, honest conversations, and cause us to feel a lot more connected and bonded to one another. I feel like I finally met the partner that I meant to be with, and I wanna be the best partner that I can be for him."

"Came in due to struggling with unhealthy urges with alcohol and food as well as feeling not quite like myself. Due both the therapy part and the hypnosis part of the hypnotherapy, I feel like I am back in control of myself and on a better path with better self-control...I have learned techniques to combat both (food and alcohol). I feel like I can control them vs. being controlled by them now...Hypnosis plus a desire to change seems to be really working...I can really see the changes I want manifesting in myself."


"I initially came to get over my fear of interviewing and Jason really helped. He really cares and believes in his clients. He is very patient, understanding and extremely in tune with what I need. I got 2 job offers after only 2 visits with Jason and now I am going to sign up for more to help with some more deep-seated issues.

Jackie V.

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"Initially, I didn't know what to expect. I hadn't been hypnotized before. And the only thing I had seen is stuff in Hollywood movies... Yeah, it brightened and opened up a lot of parts of my life that are really, important to me. And it's allowed me to grow… The investment I've made has been second to none. There's no way to put a monetary value to it. I would say one of the most positive benefits is the amount of time it takes – or lack thereof, I should say, compared to other therapies that I've done. This one, it cuts to the quick. It allows the healing and openness to come a lot faster.”

"I am a Registered Nurse that works on a trauma-surgical unit. I severely hurt my back and needed to lose weight (something my PCP had been telling me for years) to take the load off my spine. After visiting Mindzai I have lost weight beyond my targeted goal and my back is thanking me for it! Honestly, I was skeptical but am convinced now that hypnotherapy works. I also shopped around quite a bit and am really glad I chose Jason's practice over some of the others out there."


"I had depression, anxiety. I felt hopeless and could not enjoy life anymore...It has been a life-changing experience. I was at rock bottom and had no idea how to be happy and live my life in the way I wanted to. 6 weeks later, I'm moving towards my goals and dreams extremely fast...this has been very successful and actually, has helped me break through and be myself, finally...It has been leaps and bounds better then what I could have expected."


"My time at Mindzai Hypnotherapy has been an incredible adventure! This practice allows me to learn more about myself and the world around me while providing me with the tools I need to navigate life more effectively. Good teachers expand your knowledge, great teachers expand your horizons; in my experience Jason did both."

Emilia B.

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“My name is Rong, and, I work in marketing. The reason I initially reached out to Jason was because I wanted to really understand how I could slow down. I was always going very fast and didn't know how to slow down…
I've done a lot of work on myself already by reading books or going to these self help seminars and trainings. But I realized that in order to resolve these deeper issues, I cannot do it by myself, because the issues are way under the surface. That's why I thought the best way for me to resolve my issue is by reaching out to a professional hypnotherapist… I think it's definitely worth it, and you will get way more than you expect because Jason's skill is very, very unique. And a very, very transformative.”

"Hi Jason, I'm out of town again but wanted to catch you up. I did take a road trip before I returned to Denver. Everyday, my courage and confidence grew. Then I had my writing conference and received accolades and encouragement from my classmates. I am in the middle of researching for my historic novel. Even better, my daughter and I have started a travel blog and website in which my new sports car plays the starring role. I want to thank you for helping me reboot and take my life back. I'll be in touch when I return, doing more research and writing every day."


“What I really enjoyed most was the perspective that Jason provided in the form of a comprehensive and practical philosophy that really resonated with me.  It has resulted in increased awareness, presence, and overall perspective. Another thing I enjoyed was the feeling directly after hypnotherapy.  It always acted as a stimulant to improve my perspective and challenge me to make changes in my life. To Jason, I would say to keep doing what you're doing…you’ve helped me more than any therapist I've seen before.”

Corry M.

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"My name is Marley. I'm fourteen years old, and I have been a competitive cheerleader for seven years. I had a little incident with tumbling. Before the incident, it was very easy. And then the incident kind of happened and it all kinda went downhill… What we would call a mental block. It was very hard and stressful and I would bring myself down because I saw other people progressing and I would compare myself.
And when you say it really worked, what was different for you after doing that first session? I felt like I could go out and just do the tumbling, and I like I've never felt that way before. And I felt like I could just go out there and do it."

"Before going into the specifics let me start this review off by saying that my sessions with Jason were incredibly insightful and that I truly believe I gained great benefit from them. It's difficult for me to pinpoint what I found so beneficial, but I always found myself feeling more clear headed and energized than I had in ages, after our sessions. These sessions presented a fantastic opportunity for me to organize my thoughts and center myself, and Jason did a fantastic job of guiding my thoughts. I always looked forward to our meetings. Jason is an incredibly approachable guy, and that's a huge part of why I think these sessions were so great. I felt very comfortable with him, and loved the insights he provided whenever we discussed aspects of my life that I wanted to work on. It definitely felt like a team effort, and I look forward to doing more in the future."


"I can't express how much insight I have gained through my sessions at Mindzai. I have been struggling with severe insomnia for the past 5 years, Jason has helped me not only with his hypnotherapy sessions but also with excellent advice. As Jason would say, he has taught me how to "be comfortable with the uncomfortable." My negative thinking kept me up at night constantly with little relief in between. I finally became aware of what a negative, glass half-empty type of person I was, and over time realized how to let go and learn to change my thinking and behaviors. Although some people may see changes quickly, for me this process has taken 12 sessions and 6 months of practice. I feel a world of a difference and I plan on continuing to fine tune to perfection with additional sessions as needed. Thank you Jason!!"


"I came to Mindzai Hypnotherapy feeling burdened by work. I  knew in order to create results for the year I would have to do things differently than in the past, which left me uncertain about how to do what I needed to do. With other therapies I've done, I'd end a session feeling like I still had work to do: sorting things out, trying to understand "why", figuring out what to do differently. With hypnosis, I've created results more quickly, with less "brain" effort and it's been mostly unconscious. Now I feel more clear, I’m having more fun, and experiencing more joy."


"Thank you Jason for helping me deal with some family issues and my personal struggle of dealing with emotions. You have helped me focus on deep rooted issues, some I didn’t even know I had. The work we did has made me feel more confident in dealing with emotional situations. I’ve made good progress in recognizing my emotional responses and respecting these feelings, which has helped a lot."

Pejmon P.

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