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How it works
How hypnotherapy and coaching
work compared to traditional therapy

Just talking about your problems can be like pulling the tops off the weeds in the garden. The garden looks better for a little while, but the roots are still there. So they grow back again. Hypnotherapy gets the roots out, so the problems disappear for good.

In each session, our focus is on resolving your specific issue, guiding you through a journey of small, consistent, positive changes. We prioritize the power of incremental progress over big transformations, recognizing that steady steps lead to reliable, lasting change. Through this process, clients not only experience resolution but also gain valuable insights into the workings of their mind. Aided by this understanding, they become skilled at self-management, opening the doors to success, wealth, peace, and happiness in their lives.

It is important that you know this is not talk therapy. You must be the judge for yourself what type of healing or personal growth approach is best for you. Further, this work is not for those in immediate crisis mode. If you want talk therapy, including insurance, diagnoses, and treatments, or need help with immediate crisis or chaos in your life, please seek out the help of a qualified, licensed mental health professional who can help you in those areas. If you are looking for something that is not those things, you're in the right place.

Let's have a conversation

Guiding you step by step to your Potential

Clarity and Connection

Step 1

You reach out and we speak by phone or video call. This typically happens when you're ready to move forward or you can't stand being stuck anymore. You don’t want to let another moment go by without doing something about your situation. Making contact is the beginning of change. People often feel better just by taking this step.

Roadmap To Success

Step 2

The first session can be in-person or online, and we figure out where you are now. Then we figure out where you want to be. That lets us make a plan to help you get there. Whether you seek deep transformation or simple relaxation, this approach dramatically increases the chances of you achieving your goals, so you get what you want.

Steady Progress and Adjustments

Step 3

With a clear direction established, you start getting hypnotized regularly, doing IFS, or more. Each session builds momentum. We adjust as we go to ensure you’re going in the right direction. We repeat in this manner until you consistently feel better or achieve your goals.

It’s Not the Speed, It’s the Experience

It's true that hypnotherapy and hypnotic coaching often brings results faster than other modalities. That’s because it helps the subconscious change, which is where the problems are (when you can’t solve them with your conscious mind).

More importantly, however, is that a series of hypnosis or IFS sessions is fundamentally different than many other traditional therapies. The changes can happen experientially, in the sessions themselves. You may also experience positive insights in between sessions.

Let's have a conversation

How Many Sessions Will It Take?

People want to know how quickly hypnosis or IFS will help them once we begin working together. Until we speak directly and you share more about your specific situation, it's not possible to give specific answers to that question. Every person and situation is different, and how quickly you’ll make progress after we start together depends on a number of factors.

Broadly, based on experience, some clients get their best results in under ten sessions. Another group gets their best results between 10 and 20 sessions. And a third group continues on beyond that for a number of reasons. Again, every person is different, and outcomes vary by individual.

By comparison, the traditional talk therapy process can last for years, and can range into the hundreds of sessions. Anything under twenty sessions is often considered "brief." This helps illustrate why so many people are now trying hypnotherapy for the first time.

Hypnotherapy vs Traditional

Traditional Therapy:

May Rely On Conscious Talk Alone
Relying solely on conscious talk may delay or prevent true lasting change.

Neglecting the Mind-Body Connection
Talk therapies may ignore the important link between mental and physical well-being.

Coping Without Resolution
Teaching coping skills without addressing root causes of problems.

Misses Essential Phenomena
May ignore crucial elements like inner visualization, vocalization, synesthesia, and kinesthetic sensation.

May Create Negative Experiences
Some approaches may make clients feel bad during or after sessions.

Extended Duration Without Resolution
Traditional talk therapy may lead to prolonged engagement without effectively resolving issues, which costs you time, money, and happiness.

Hypnotherapy Advantage:

Hypnosis works with the subconscious, addressing issues beyond conscious awareness, which can lead to profound change.

Hypnotherapy recognizes and works with the mind-body connection, acknowledging that mental well-being directly impacts physical health.

Hypnotherapy aims for deep-rooted change by addressing subconscious causes, offering lasting solutions instead of mere coping mechanisms.

Hypnotherapy embraces and utilizes inner phenomena, enhancing the effectiveness of the change.

Hypnotherapy and IFS foster a compassionate experience, allowing clients to resolve their issues with kindness and comfort.

Hypnotherapy offers a more efficient and effective path to resolution, potentially saving you time and money, and giving you better results sooner.

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What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis does not have a simple explanation, but it is real. One common view is that hypnosis is a naturally occurring state of heightened focus, often accompanied by deep relaxation, with increased response to suggestion. You choose which suggestions you accept.

What is Internal Family Systems?

Internal Family Systems, often shortened to “IFS”, is a powerful framework for understanding your personality and your experience of yourself. It is often called “parts work,” and bridges the conscious and subconscious minds. It is among the most comprehensive, compassionate, and elegant models for deep healing and personal change available today.
Learn more here: https://ifs-institute.com/.

Can I be hypnotized?

Anyone who authentically wants to be hypnotized, and who can follow very simple instructions, can be hypnotized. Even highly analytical people, ADHD people, neuro-divergent people, nervous people, anxious people, and people who were not able to be hypnotized elsewhere can be hypnotized.

What if I’m really analytical, logical, or skeptical?

Whether a person has any of these traits has no bearing on whether they can be hypnotized or not. When working with an expert hypnotist, it turns out that people with these traits often become some of the most skilled and successful at doing hypnosis.

Can I get stuck or lose control?

Despite numerous portrayals to the contrary in Hollywood movies, there has never been a single recorded case of a person getting stuck in hypnosis. You are in control of the process. We go at the pace that is comfortable for you and your system. If you need to talk during a trance, you can. If you ever want to slow down or stop, we do.

Will this process work for me?

While some people naturally resonate more with certain experiences than others, if you are sincere in your desire to change, to engage with the process, and to stick with it across the recommended time, it's nearly impossible not to experience positive change.

You're in control

What should you do next? It all starts with a conversation – just take the next step and we can begin to resolve your issues.

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