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Let’s talk about what you actually get when we work together. Different people prefer different approaches. Hypnotherapy and coaching are both powerful tools for personal development, but they differ. They operate from distinct paradigms and methodologies.

Hypnotherapy works with the subconscious mind to facilitate deep-seated change, often addressing issues like anxiety, phobias, emotions, patterns, lack of confidence, and health and wellness improvement.

Coaching, on the other hand, involves the conscious mind to a greater degree. It's more about setting goals and steps to get there, while creating motivation and accountability. We use hypnosis to get you into action and maximize your own performance.

IFS can play an essential role in both hypnotherapy and coaching. Because it is such a flexible model, it can be used to help people grow in both contexts. This helps both types of clients move beyond their challenges to create profound results and lasting change.

What Real Change is Like

No matter your issue, after you change, you are different from how you were before. You’re still you, of course, but fundamentally you're not the same person who was trying to change. You are changed.

It’s like a caterpillar that emerges as a butterfly. The butterfly isn’t a caterpillar trying to act like a butterfly. That doesn’t work. It just is a butterfly. It’s a transformation. Once you spread your wings, you don’t return to crawling.

Let's talk about your path

Why Change Now?

If you’ve never thought about it before, consider this: It’s better to change now, than to wait.

Imagine you live the next year with your problem, exactly the way it is right now. All the frustration, confusion, and suffering. What might the consequences to your health be? To your body? Your relationships? Your income? Your future? Your peace of mind? Now imagine living like that for the rest of your life. That doesn't sound fun.

Now, instead, imagine you set in motion a different path. Imagine that within a few months your issue has changed, even if that doesn't seem possible. Take a few moments and really do this. It usually feels good! That’s because even that simple exercise starts to active your subconscious in a new way. But without guidance and support, this won’t be enough.

So pick up the phone, or send an email now. The future you will be glad you did. If you have questions or concerns that haven’t been answered yet, that’s fine. Get them answered. Don’t wait because of fear, or because you don't believe you're worth it, or because what you’ve tried in the past didn’t work. Keep going and you will get there!

Wonderful clients

Discover the transformative stories of those who have found strength, healing, and lasting change through the power of hypnotherapy.
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Please briefly tell your story of your time at Mindzai Hypnotherapy. 
"I've struggled with depression, social anxiety, and various traumas from about age seven. My thoughts and emotions were out of control, to the point that I struggled to keep a job. I came to Mindzai Hypnotherapy at 29, at which point I felt like I had tried everything else and nothing had worked. From Reiki and meditation, to psychotherapy and EMDR, to DBT and medication. I felt like I tried it all. But after the first session with Jason I knew that this was something different. I felt a noticeable difference after that. It was almost like one of the bricks in the walls in my mind was taken down and I suddenly had an understanding of my own mind that I didn't before.

After a few months with Jason, my mental state is completely transformed! I not only understand how my mind works, but I also know how to work with my own mind in a healthy way. My depression is gone. So much of the past that used to hold me back is now powerless. I never knew life could be this peaceful! I am super grateful that I chose to work with Jason. He has absolutely helped me transform my life and I am forever grateful. I am currently studying hypnosis and Internal Family Systems so that I can take this beautiful breakthrough I've experienced with him and pass it on to others. I highly recommend working with him. Not only is he kind and understanding, but he is extremely skilled at what he does. Thank you, Jason, for being one of the major keys in getting me to where I am today!

For what issue(s) did you come in? 
I came looking to overcome past trauma, social anxiety, depression, anxiety, feeling ocd and having a lot of emotional ups and downs, help pursuing my goals, and a better way to handle my overwhelming thoughts.
Please share how successful hypnosis has been for you.
It has been extremely beneficial and successful for me. Not only have I resolved my issues, but I now have the tools to work with my own mind -- my own parts -- and I feel much more in control of my life and thoughts.
What has been unique about hypnosis/IFS compared to other methods you’ve tried before?
The most unique thing is that it actually works. And that it gets to the core of the issue, it's not just a band-aid, it's more like a cure. Another thing I think is unique is that the mind leads us to the healing. Rather than telling me what to do, we let the subconscious mind lead us. Interestingly, I learned that the mind knows what it needs to heal, and Jason helps guide that process.
Why did you choose Mindzai Hypnotherapy?
I was looking for different hypnotherapists and I felt the most comfortable with Jason. He was kind and honest and shared with me everything I wanted to know. He answered all my questions thoroughly and he also has a lot of years of experience.
To what degree have I succeeded in meeting your expectations?
Exceeded expectations 1,000%!"

Tia M.

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