Anxiety & Stress

Sometimes life feels like a race against the clock, with a never-ending to-do list and a heart that won't stop racing. Small things set you off, focus is a distant memory, and by dinner, you're too stressed to eat. For some, it builds over time until you feel hypervigilant, like you can’t turn off at all. And for others, we feel overwhelmed or go into shutdown or panic mode. One way or another, the usual coping strategies aren’t cutting it anymore, and the longing for a sense of calm and peace becomes too strong to ignore. It’s in this moment of seeking a deeper solution that the idea of hypnotherapy starts to click.

Do Any of These Resonate?

I feel like I’m always on edge.

I can’t focus on anything for very long.

I feel overwhelmed by everyday decisions and responsibilities.

My mind goes blank sometimes and I don’t know why.

I have a constant sense of dread or worry.

Being in certain social situations makes me uncomfortable.

I have physical symptoms that don’t seem to have a medical cause.

There’s a persistent sense like something bad is going to happen.

I sometimes have waves of fear or panic.

I sometimes have intense fear about certain things or situations.

I can be irritable or snap at people without a clear reason.

My sleep is not what I would like it to be.

If any of these resonate with you, there's a very good chance hypnotherapy can help you.

Real Client Testimonials

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"I came to Mindzai with a deep rooted state of anxiety. After just a few sessions, I rarely feel anxiety and my life has shifted in more ways than I ever could have imagined. I’m happier than I’ve ever been. Hypnosis works on a deeper level - connecting with parts of myself I was unable to reach before. Every aspect of my life has changed for the better. I am more successful in my business and personal life, and continue to grow in a positive direction." – Rebecca M.

"I came to Mindzai with a lot of worry and anxiety over where I was in life, as well as day-to-day stressors, and these manifested in irritability and impatience with others such as family, friends, people that I care about. Rather than a therapist who simply listens, nods, and sends you home, I feel like something has changed within. I feel like I apply what we talked about without having to actively think about it. The hypnosis part drives home the methods we discussed. And since having this experience, I’ve gained new perspectives on life situations that make me happier, more in tune with others, and with a greater peace of mind. It feels refreshing, like I’m maintaining the personal hygiene of my mind." – Robert-Louis H.

"I came to Mindzai after trying all ways I could think of to overcome a fear of scuba diving that had surfaced. That cleared after one session, and I also discovered an overall reduction in general anxiety and stress at things out of my control. Thank you. This was highly unexpected. Even though I came with an open mind, I was skeptical until I saw it work in practice. To test it, I went diving in a pool to check it out and had no anxiety prior to or during my dive, or after, and now I look forward to the ocean." – Valerie H.

"I’ve had a terrible fear of flying for years and got to the point where I refused to travel. I have missed out on countless family trips as well as work trips, even canceled flights last minute because I just couldn’t get on the plane... I started researching hypnotherapy and found Jason, thank goodness I did. Since seeing Jason I have successfully flown on a plane and planned other trips. He also has helped me greatly with my general day to day anxiety! Jason has truly helped me in so many ways! Life changing!" – Annie T.

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