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About me

My mission is simple: To help you live a better life. To help you be a better version of you. To suffer less. To be happier, more alive. To experience more of whatever is important to you in life, and less of what isn't.

I do this because I know what it’s like to suffer. I’ve also been fortunate – I’ve had a lot of help in my life. So after a successful career in software technology, I Ieft so I could help others in a more important way. That was over ten years ago.

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Empowering Lives Through Mindzai Hypnotherapy

The "mind's eye" is simply your ability to imagine or remember things in your head, like picturing a beach you love or recalling a happy memory, in a safe and natural way everyone experiences.

I created Mindzai Hypnotherapy as a vehicle to offer hypnosis, mindfulness, and other subconscious change and wellness services to the local and global communities. It’s a safe space to guide people through their healing and life-creation journeys, a privilege and honor I take seriously.

Professional Philosophy

My professional philosophy begins with a dedication to my clients, doing what is right for them, consistently, to the best of my ability, and with integrity. To use hypnosis and related techniques to alleviate as much suffering as possible, and to amplify any possible gains. To stay current and relevant in the field, because my clients place their trust in me. To abide by the ethical standards of my professional organizations. And of course,  to help my clients have a little fun along the way.

International Expertise and Certifications

I have trained extensively in hypnotherapy in the United States and the UK. I am seasoned in a diverse set of hypnotic techniques, including Ericksonian, regression, parts, and belief change. I incorporate diverse approaches to wellness, including mindfulness, meditation, and solution-focused systems. These frameworks blend modern scientific insights with time-tested wisdom, producing a holistic approach to change and healing.

I'm also an Internal Family Systems Level 2 Certified Practitioner, a Board Certified Hypnotist, and a Certified NLP Coach. My professional organizations include the National Guild of Hypnotists, the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners, and the General Hypnotherapy Register (UK). Taken together, this unique background makes these offerings unlike anything you are likely to find elsewhere, which means you may get results here you may not get elsewhere.
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Choosing the Right Hypnotherapist

It’s easier than you may think. Start by looking for someone with credible qualifications and a strong professional background. Look at the way they present themselves. Check their areas of specialization to ensure they align with your goals. Read reviews and testimonials to gain insights into their effectiveness and approach. Finally, schedule a consultation to feel your comfort level and establish a connection. These steps can help you have the best and most rewarding experience for your investment.

You're in control

What should you do next? It all starts with a conversation – just take the next step and we can begin to resolve your issues.

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